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Being a Brazilian guy, full-time employed, naturally messed upon other’s codes, a not-so-fluent english speaker and a human being, I must admit: I do make typos. But I love to be corrected!

Even trying hard not to make them, they will eventually show up.

So here is what I propose you: You post here the post link and typo corrections and I’ll post your website link pointing you’re very smart and let you make a little review of it here. Isn’t it nice?

Please correct me if I’m wrong!




    Vars setted by the Controller

    ‘set’, not ‘setted’. That one really jumps out.

    • rafaelbandeira3
    • Posted November 24, 2008 at 10:02 am
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    @Jonah, you’re quick: That one was corrected right after the publishing, but I guess that agressive caching RSS readers won’t bother refreshing the content…
    Anyway, thanks a lot, IOU something, I’ll try to figure it out later!


    simple typos:
    inextesibility = inextensibility
    wich = which

    incorrect words:
    featurity (this isn’t actually a word) = lack of features (is what you want)
    functionalities = functionality (this word is both singular and plural)

    incorrect grammar:
    Containable were doing = Containable was doing
    you have to specify from where does this relation comes
    = you have to specify where this relation does come from
    = you have to specify where this relation comes from

    Hope you don’t mind me pointing all these out. 🙂

  3. Thanks deizel, I really appreciate your help, and no problem at all… this is the actual purpose of this section after all!
    Just one thing, “featurity” may not formally exists, but it’s used every now and then in the software world to express “lots of (useless) features”.
    Keep correcting me up!

  4. I like a challenge (but I had better ensure I make no mistakes here) – I had to read quite a bit before I found an error to point out – really I gave up but kept reading as I found the posts to be very well written and interesting.

    I found this ‘well I didn’t born knowing’ perhaps you mean ‘well I wasn’t born with knowledge of ‘ – also the title of the post enviroments is missing n – environments

    Looking forward to more when I am not so tired

    • Christopher Vrooman
    • Posted March 14, 2010 at 4:58 pm
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    in your Lazy Loader article,, the first line reads, “More on my github’s brute code.”
    Maybe it would be better to say, “Get my raw code on Github”

    Also, that link to Github is broken because it goes to and it should actually point to

    A few more tweaks:

    …basically consist in making related data to be easily fetched by … ==> … easily fetches related data using …
    In the next sentence:
    … pattern happened through … => … pattern occurs through … and … beauty method … => … beautified method …


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